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Coffee Hour

Don't miss this time of fellowship between the 9:30 and 11:00 services!  You will always find hot coffee, tea, cocoa and apple cider.  We serve fair trade Equal Exchange Coffee in paper (not Styrofoam) cups


Small groups, ministries and individuals often sponsor coffee hour and provide healthy and not-so healthy treats as well.


Be a Coffee Hour Hero!  Sponsor a coffee hour!  It's easy;  check the bulletin board in the Wesley room, sign up with your group, then bring in treats on your Sunday.  Make them as simple or as elaborate as you like!  Your small group will be mentioned in the announcement slides and at the tables.  If you have something specific to promote, let Jes (in the office) know.

Altar Flowers

Sign up in the breezeway to provide altar flowers for any Sunday.   Flowers are displayed on a table next to the altar.  A memorial dedication will appear in the bulletin as well as in the morning announcement slides.


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